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Madeline Koufogazos ’15, English, scholarship recipient

Madeline Koufogazos ’15, English, scholarship recipient, “I am receiving a world-class education at an affordable price, all thanks to the generosity and dedication of donors. My scholarships allow me to pursue my dream of becoming a communications manager for a business or university, and I truly believe that I can start here and go anywhere.”

Frank Vila ’13, scholarship recipient

Frank Vila ’13, scholarship recipient, “As the first in my family to go to college, I worked two jobs to help pay expenses. I moved with my family seven years ago from Peru; this scholarship meant that I didn’t have to take out so many loans. The scholarship made me feel like it had been worth all the work to go to all the classes, study and keep my grades up.”

Deborah Finch, Ed.D. ’03, ’06, ’12, lecturer, Manning School of Business

Deborah Finch, Ed.D. ’03, ’06, ’12, lecturer, Manning School of Business, “I support UMass Lowell because I believe in giving back to my community and its future leaders. It brings me great joy to know that I am able to help our students further their education, and ultimately achieve their dreams.”

Michael Koenig ’90, director, Workforce Solutions at University of Phoenix

Michael Koenig ’90, director, Workforce Solutions at University of Phoenix, “There is something about a connection with local alumni that keeps the spirit of UMass Lowell alive. Here in Phoenix, Arizona we are 2,700 miles away from campus, but being part of the alumni network makes that distance seem much shorter. Become part of your local alumni group … or better yet … START one and the benefits will amaze you.”

Anthony Phamduy ’14, biology, scholarship recipient

Anthony Phamduy ’14, biology, scholarship recipient, , “I had been feeling stressed and was thinking about dropping out of school. Getting the scholarship motivated me to keep going. I want to go to medical school to study optometry and open my own clinic. Then I want to give back to UMass Lowell by giving a scholarship like I received.”


Because of You ...


"I'm paying for my own education. Financial aid and scholarships relieve extra stress and allow me more time to focus on being a student."
-Lynn Le ’15

"Thank you for seeing potential in the University and the students. Because of you, I can succeed.”
-Hank Urey ’14

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