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Endowed Scholarships: The Power of Supported Minds

"It takes a noble person to plant a seed for a tree that will one day provide shade to those whom he may never meet."

-- David Trueblood

UMass Lowell students are bright, hardworking and highly motivated. They are the innovators and dreamers of tomorrow – and most need significant help paying for their education.

In 2011, 79% of our students received some form of financial aid, and the need is growing. Some take time off from school to earn tuition money. Others work many hours while trying to also juggle school and family responsibilities. Many take on overwhelming debt. Some, unfortunately, must give up their dream of a college education.

Our students reflect our vision of producing the next generation of innovative, entrepreneurial leaders and community partners. Whether through international academic competition and research, co-operative field experience or advocating and volunteering to promote global change, our students impress us, both with their passion and determination to succeed, every day.

Your gift funds scholarships that will enable more students to take advantage of all the learning opportunities the University of Massachusetts Lowell offers, without the interference of financial stress. UMass Lowell graduates will create new ways to conduct and lead in business; they will teach your children and grandchildren, provide you with expert healthcare and help to design the world of the future – if you provide them the chance.

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Gifts of Endowment

Gifts of endowment are personal and important statements of commitment to the future success of UMass Lowell students. By establishing an endowment your values and legacy become a permanent part of the University’s success and while ensuring that your enthusiasm for learning extends to future generations of scholars.

What is an endowment?

An endowment is a gift that is held in perpetuity and invested to earn a steady stream that provides ongoing support for the activities designated by the donor. Current UMass Lowell policy protects the long-term growth of its endowment fund by allocating approximately 4% of the endowment’s value for annual use.

What are the advantages of endowment gifts?

Because endowment gifts generate earnings each year, they play a critical role in UMass Lowell’s long-term financial stability. Although state appropriations, tuition levels, and fundraising revenue might fluctuate annually, the stability of an endowment encourages strategic planning and expansion or our programs.

For the Donor: Because an endowment provides support in perpetuity, this is perhaps the most significant way to leave a permanent legacy at the University. An endowment gift also allows a donor to account tax-benefits (especially if established through a gift of securities)

How can I establish an endowment?

Endowments can be established through a myriad of ways including gifts of cash, stock, real estate, charitable remainder trusts, or bequests. Endowment gifts may also be paid over a period of years, usually three-five. For more information about establishing an endowment please contact John Davis at 978-934-4806, or

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